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Six Pack Abs Indian diet – Go desi to get killer six pack abs

Six Pack Abs Indian diet

By desi, it means go the Indian way. Why Indian you ask? Well because according to research Six pack abs Indian diet is very well balanced as it has carbs, proteins and fats all in one meal. Young generation these days have realized the importance of good food and are getting six pack abs through the Indian diet. Six pack abs Indian diet really bring in magic you yearn for. It’s awesome just to know that in the land of pulses and curries, meals change every 10 kilometers and with so much diversity diet can never get boring. India is a predominant vegetarian nation but India as its fair share of non-vegetarian cuisines as well.

The essential nutrients required for six pack abs that can be found in Indian diet are as follows

Proteins- lean body mass or muscle mass is easily retained by proteins. You may have observed many bodybuilders and regular gym goers eat lots of egg whites. Eggs, chicken, meat and beans etc have good amount of protein in them.

Carbohydrates- this is an essential micro nutrient needed for the energy. Over eating carbs just for energy will not help. A well rounded balanced Indian diet will help you achieve six pack abs.

Fats- firstly understand the good fats and ad fats. Do not eat processed food as they contain bad fats. Avocado, olive oil and butter are some of the good fats. Many gym people typically avoid fats as they lead to weight gain but moderate use will help in toning.

Fiber- this nutrient is easy to digest and very solvable. The best diet plan for six pack abs will include fiber in their Indian diet.

Below is a list of food items that are a part of Indian diet which will help you achieve six pack abs

Breakfast – never ever skip breakfast. The most important meal of the day

Egg white omelet’s prepared using olive oil.

Oatmeal prepared using water

A bowl of fruit with strawberries /grapes or apples- excellent source of sugar for energy

Snack (after breakfast)- these are just prototypes of real meals so they are limited in portion size.

Green beans – a small cup

Green tea

Veggie salad or bowl

One banana

Lunch – do not skip this meal in the diet.

Brown rice with pulses curry. Not to heavy on the salt.

Kidney beans or lentil soup

Green salad platters with hummus dip

Paneer curry, lean meat, turkey or fish curry with jowar roti or phulkas (Indian bread)

Snack (an hour after lunch or during tea time)

Dry fruits like almonds, walnut, pecans half-cup

Smoothie made with yoghurt

Green tea

Dinner (not too heavy on fats)

Boiled chicken with salad

Broccoli salad with cottage cheese

Chick peas salad

Indian diet is very rooted to its culture and has all the essential nutrients required for a healthy wellbeing. Be sure to avoid all kinds of trans-fats and processed foods to stay fit. Six pack abs need dedication and commitment along with a good diet plan.

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