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Indian diet for flat stomach – Reduce belly fat more easily now

Indian diet for flat stomach

If you are thinking of getting a flat stomach alone then my friend you are in for a surprise. IT DOESNT WORK THAT WAY. GOTTA THINK WISELY! An Indian diet for flat stomach may help you get a toned stomach but what about the other gray areas.

It’s not impossible to get just a flat stomach but imagine you are looking in the mirror and what do you see. You see a nice slim and trim tummy with no flab. Move towards your chest and you are quiet bulky there. Now look at the thighs, they seem pretty heavy too. You will resemble a sand timer and it might not be the look you are after. Think overall body sculpting in order to be flawless.

Indian diet for flat stomach is a good meal plan as it contains lots of greens, proteins, the right balance of carbs and easily flexible as per vegetarian or non vegetarian choices.

Along with an Indian diet for flat stomach, try following the below points for overall weight loss.  It’s the amount of fat cells present in our body that decides the amount of work out to be done. Fat cells are distributed all over the body hence focusing on just one area doesn’t make sense.Indian diet for flat stomach

  • Eat in intervals
  • Cut out portion size
  • Practice weight trainings and walk 7000+ steps
  • Sleep on time
  • Sip a lot of green tea and water
  • No junk rule
  • Have a cheat day. It’s essential to keep craving monsters at bay by giving them the treats, once in a while
  • Plan your meals. This will help in keeping your pantry stocked with essentials
  • Stress should be out the window. It builds weight on you.
  • Set a calorie target. It gives you an idea about how much you can eat and how much you need to burn.

Indian diet for flat stomach as per non-vegetarian and vegetarian choices is as below:

After waking up- lemon and warm water drink- 250 ml. you can add 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar as well.

Breakfast- boiled or poached eggs with fruit salad or oatmeal. Oats can be soaked in milk over night. Steel cut oats have more fibre.

After an hour of breakfast- drink green tea. A powerful antioxidant to keep skin great.

Lunch- Dal without the tadka of zeera or hing. This tempering is high on salt which is not good. One small bowl of rice. The bowl should be about the size of the palm. One chapatti with vegetable curry or chicken/mutton/fish curry.

Snacks-  Green tea with some biscuits or dry fruits

Dinner- at 7:00. Do not eat late at night. Sleep two hours after dinner. Chapatti with curry of greens. No rice at night. Salads can also be eaten in the evening. Baked fish is healthy too.

Following this Indian diet for flat stomach, you will certainly see a great change in yourself. So, do not wait. Get this diet plan be a part of your lifestyle and look your best, and be the best.


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