/How to get deep sleep naturally? – Cure For Insomnia
How to get deep sleep naturally

How to get deep sleep naturally? – Cure For Insomnia

How to get deep sleep naturally is the most frequent question that comes to mind. As per reports from centers for disease control and prevention (CDC), a minimum of 1/3rd of adult in US sleep only six hours at night that too with disturbance. Benefits of a good night’s sleep are many including a stable mind and good health.

So, how to get deep sleep naturally? Well, it is not too difficult but with time the sleep is bound to improve and results will be evident. Below are some excellent techniques on getting the deep slumber that is desired.

  1. Get a routine: Yes, sound difficult to accomplish with a list of tasks already undone for the day but a routine for sleep is essential. A deep sleep ensures the brain gets its rest and according to science our organs get to cleaning themselves at night. Be it holidays or festivals or other days, set a routine.
  2. Stay active: Exercise is key to good sleep. People swear by this technique and benefits of a good exercise are not limited to sleep but overall wellbeing as well. Aerobics is good move to begin with. Long walks or run also stimulates the body to get the deep sleep.
  3. Eat right- too much caffeine ruins the sleep. If you are still questioning how to get deep sleep naturally even after exercising and getting a routine, then diet could solve the issue for you. Stop eating chocolates after the lunch time or mid-afternoon. In the dinners, keep the food light by limiting spices and heartburn or indigestion.Health Tips-How to get deep sleep naturally?
  4. Quit the smokes – studies have shown that non-smokers sleep better than smokers. Smoking causes sleep apnea and asthma at times that makes it quite impossible to get a good sleep. Restlessness in breathing causes disturbed sleep.
  5. Say no to drinks before bed time – Since the routine for a bed time is established, do not ruin the sleep over alcohol. A shot of martini might help you fall asleep quickly but will also keep you awake with the tossing and turnings. Alcohol disturbs the sleep and brainwave and ruins the next day with a hangover.
  6. Meditate: Meditations helps heals the body and soul. It refreshes the mind keeping it active throughout the day and gives a restful sleep at night.
  7. Set the temperature right- too hot is not idle to get the good sleep desired. A temperate bedroom will ensure you fall in sleep quickly and deeply. A temperature of 65 degrees is great for a good sleep. With this in check the question how to get deep sleep naturally becomes a no question within no time.
  8. Lights outs – Make it a habit to sleep in the dark with only a small dim light bulb in use. Too much light gives the brain indication that it might be time to wake up but you have hardly slept. Melatonin is a hormone responsible for regulating the sleep cycles and even the slightest light can cause disruption.
  9. Bed is to sleep only – do not munch or crunch on the bed. Stop watching TV, reading books, and getting your laptop in the bed. It might be comfortable for you to work on the bed but the sleep is getting disturbed.
  10. No pet on the bed – Studies have shown that pets = babies which means sleeping with pets also disrupts sleep. Place the bed of your adjacent to your bed but not close to you. Each person to the space of their own.

A good night’s sleep is crucial to carry out the activities of the next day in peace and harmony. Practice the above tips and sleep well.

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