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Hormonal imbalances in women’s body

Hormonal imbalances in women

The hormones rule a woman’s life. No pun intended but it’s a pure medical fact. The many moods of a woman cannot be blamed on the hormones, but her monthly cycle sure can be. Hormonal imbalances occur if there is more of hormones or too little of them flowing in the system. The perfect balance of hormones is important to regulate the internal processes of the body. The outer skin is often proof of the hormonal fluctuations which cause breakouts, pimples, acne, hot flashes and even skin dryness.Thus Hormonal imbalances in women plays a vitel role ,where Medications are available to control the hormonal spikes and lows, but they should not be taken over the counter or without supervision.

About hormonal imbalances in women – changes in body

Hormones are produced in the endocrine glands; they are the chemicals that pass through the blood vessels allowing organs and tissues in the body to function appropriately. The hormones withhold major body processes that include reproduction and metabolism.

When an individual is diagnosed with hormonal imbalance it means that either there is too much or too little of the hormone, even a minor difference can cause hormonal imbalance and the difference is noticed on the outer body of a person.

These are responsible for carrying out major processes in the body; hence any minute imbalance can trigger difference and cause a disturbance in a wide range. Hormones affect each and every bodily function from digestion to body temperature. Other functions that are determined by hormones include appetite, sleep cycles, menstrual cycle, sexual detail function, stress levels, and growth development.

Hormones differ in both the sexes and their function dysfunctions are also categorical. Females are likely to experience imbalances in progesterone and estrogen levels with significant changes in their weight and facial hair or skin. Males, on the other hand, experience imbalance in testosterone levels and undergo different changes like acne etc. Both the genders as humans can also experience the same imbalances like growth, steroids, insulin and adrenaline.

Hormonal imbalances in women

Due to hormonal imbalances in women, there can be so many changes in the body.

There are symptoms which indicate the imbalance of the hormones. The common causes of the hormones are:


Endocrine glands are the glands which specialize in storing, producing and flow of hormones in the body through blood. These glands are located throughout the body, which is responsible for controlling different organs. They include:

Gonads-testis and ovaries

Thyroid and parathyroid glands

Hypothalamus gland

Pituitary gland

Pineal gland

Adrenal gland

There is a possibility and very natural for every human to undergo an imbalance at a certain age in their life. But the hormone also cures itself with time if it doesn’t then there is a fair chance of endocrine glands not functioning the way it should.

Balance between systems or connections are important for the overall functionality. Even a slight fluctuation can cause disruption of normalcy which in turn will start a chain of events or effects that could be difficult to manage.











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