/Heart Attack Symptoms,Warning Signs – Understanding Heart Attack
Heart Attack Symptoms

Heart Attack Symptoms,Warning Signs – Understanding Heart Attack

Heart attack symptoms,warning signs if read closely can save a life. It in some cases cannot be avoided but can be predicted by some routine health checks. In the USA alone, one in four deaths occurs due to a heart attack. There is no dearth of research in understanding what causes heart attacks, the life threatening complications arising from it and the solution to some if not many issues of the heart. But, still heart attacks are one that cannot be tackled with. Many tests are developed that were able to identify a few probable heart attacks but no proper solution is in sight.Heart Attack Symptoms,Warning Signs should be taken lightly. Often they come masked as an unknown figure in a person’s health hence close attention to detail and family history of heart diseases is important.

The most evident and important Heart Attack Symptoms,Warning Signs are:

  • Tightness and heaviness of the chest- many heart attacks involve feeling of pain that comes and goes and lots of discomfort in the chest area. Even if the pain is bearable get it checked.
  • Tiredness or fatigue extreme in nature- you might not be someone who tires easily but suddenly you feel this energy drain and extreme fatigue. Get it checked immediately to avoid further health risks.
  • Lightheadedness and bouts of fainting- faint out of the blue is a serious concern. Feeling dizzy many times during day may be related to the heart and should be evaluated as early as possible.Health Tips-Heart Attack Symptoms,Warning Signs
  • Vomiting or nausea- Sudden feeling of reflux in the stomach that can cause nausea often is associated with heart attack and many a times compression in the chest is also felt. This nausea and chest relationship needs to be checked out immediately.
  • Pain – specifically in the jaw, neck, shoulders and arms are light huge Heart attack symptoms and warning signs. Ignoring these could actually be fatal to the life.
  • No chest pain but sudden breathlessness – Heart attack often causes breathlessness without any evident pain. Sudden difficulty in breathing is also a good warning sign for heart attacks.
  • Sweating- sudden night sweats or hot flashes are common indicators of heart attack and should not be ignored.

Heart attack or heart burn

It is common for people to misunderstand heart attack. It comes as a masked intruder many times and hence difficult to identify. Pain in the chest region may be or may not be a warning sign of heart attack. If you feel a burning sensation in the chest and if it’s a lot worse than just feeling of indigestion then get the emergency help. If the burn in the chest is accompanied with breathlessness, sweating, nausea, pain in arm and shoulder or dizziness then it is definitely a heart attack. Visit the emergency section of the hospital to get quick relief and avoid eminent danger to life.

Heart attack is a silent killer. According to statistics, every 42nd second a woman or a man succumbs to heart attack and analysis of their health charts suggests it could have been avoided if…it is this “if” that we need to look at closely at if we love the life of our dear ones and ourselves as well. Heart Attack Symptoms,Warning signs are there to give us a chance at recognizing them and saving lives.

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