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Hair Fall Control Tips Naturally -Simple tips for great hair care

Hair Fall Control Tips Naturally

Hair is an irreplaceable crown of your personality. Health of the hair speaks volumes of about the individual and hence taking care of these tresses is very important. Therefore, here, we have got covered some useful hair fall control tips naturally. 

What are the causes of hair loss?

There are many factors that contribute to hair loss. Some being hereditary and some that are not genetically linked. Poor diet, hormonal imbalances, thyroid, PCOS, Birth control pills, styling products, stress and medical conditions etc are some of the factors that potentially cause hair fall.

Measures like using a mild shampoo, warm herbal oil massages, decreasing the use of styling products and chemical treatments will help improve the conditions of the scalp and decrease hair fall.

A few easy to follow tips for controlling hair fall naturally:

  1. Egg mask– Egg contains selenium, iodine, zinc, sulfur, phosphorus and protein which are essential for hair growth and protection. Egg mask imparts a lustrous shine to the hair and improves hair texture. Add 1 tbsp of olive oil to one egg white in a bowl and make the paste. Apply from the root onwards and wait for 20 minutes before washing the hair using mild shampoo.
  2. Coconut milk– Coconut has numerous benefits when it comes to hair care. Coconut milk + a pinch of black pepper powder + fenugreek seeds are natural hair fall control agents. This mask also nourishes the scalp and provides freshness to the hair.
  3. Green Tea– Green tea is rich in antioxidants and prevents hair loss by boasting hair growth. Soak three or more green tea bags in hot water according to the length and volume of the hair. Let this solution sit till it cools down. Gently rinse the hair using this solution. You can even choose to wash the hair afterwards using a mild shampoo.
  4. Honey and Yoghurt– Mix 2 tbsp of yoghurt with honey and few drops of lemon. Using a brush apply this mix from scalp to roots. Honey locks the moisture in the hair while yoghurt + lemon gets rid of the dandruff which is a major culprit for hair fall. Wash the hair after an hour using cool water. Repeat weekly.
  5. Aloe Vera– Aloe Vera is an age old natural remedy for treating hair loss. Issues like flaking and itching are also addressed by Aloe Vera pulp. Apply the natural Aloe Vera pulp straight from its stalks and keep it on for about an hour. Wash the hair using cool water and can be repeated three or four times in a week,which works as  the one of the best tip for hair fall control tips naturally.
  6. Onion Juice– Onions are a very effective when it comes to fighting the infections of the scalp. Onions contain sulfur which is a super agent that promotes hair growth and limits hair fall. Onions should be grinded without added water and the pulp should be squeezed to extract the juice. You can directly apply the onion juice on the scalp or use a cotton ball. Leave it on the hair for 30 minutes and then wash using a mild shampoo and normal water.

Proper diet is also equally important for hair fall control tips naturally, hence eat spinach, kale, fish, carrots, eggs and proteins to get those tresses flowing. Styling and grooming are great for one’s personality but limits should be set.

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