/Disadvantages of Plastic Surgery-also exist
Disadvantages of Plastic Surgery

Disadvantages of Plastic Surgery-also exist

The importance of plastic surgery varies in terms of need. Do you want to have a plastic surgery performed to correct the flaws or do you need plastic surgery to erase the marks of a traumatic experience, for example, an accident? Many times before going ahead with decisions like these the advantages are searched and studied but Disadvantages of Plastic Surgery  also exist.


This Disadvantages of Plastic Surgery  is a rarity but not unheard of. Cosmetic corrections can also take away life is appalling and this happens because surgeries use chemicals and instruments all the time that are not suitable for the human body. A sudden drop in blood pressure, a silent heart attack, and excessive bleeding are causes that can cause death during plastic surgery.


Complications from plastic surgery are a big concern that can only come to light only after the surgery is performed. Infections after surgeries area common plight dreaded by many and plastic surgery are not new to this. Other complications that can occur are partial face paralysis, heart attacks, brain damage due to clots, nerve damage, malignant hyperthermia, and stroke etc.

Undesirable results

The doctor performing your surgery is only as human as you hence results may vary. A major Disadvantage of Plastic Surgery is the possibility of not achieve the look you wanted or the look not suiting you. Many have resorted to undoing the plastic surgery and getting their former look back. Plastic surgeries like a lip job, breast implants, and nose jobs are some plastic surgery examples that can be undone.Disadvantages of Plastic Surgery

Money Matters

Beauty comes at a price thanks to plastic surgery but how many can afford is the main question here. It is a luxury the high echelons of society can pay for. But considering the complications and other Disadvantages of Plastic Surgery  is it worth to pay up and deal with the aftermath.

Wounds that heal slowly

It is important to note that the inflammation and scarring that result from plastic surgery are not quick to heal. They take time from several weeks to months and if you do not like what you see then the turnaround time is equal again. The factors that play an important role in deciding the time of healing are age, type of surgery, immunity of the individual, skin type and adherence to doctor advice.


Yes, it is very much possible to get addicted to plastic surgery. Many are known to change their look completely like the famous lizard man who is completely transitioned into a lizard for reason unknown. He changes the tone and color of his skin, cut his tongue and styled his teeth like fangs. Many personalities from the entertainment industry have also claimed to go under the knife in exchange for youthful looks. People suffering from low self-esteem and body dysmorphic disorder think plastic surgery as the only option to redeem themselves and get acceptable social standing which is actually an illusion. Since money is also the need of the hour, people resort to extreme measures which include delaying rent, borrowing, hustling, and other non-social practices.

Dealing with accidents and their scars is actually a task in itself and plastic surgery does help in a limited way to heal. But for those who choose plastic surgery for reason of vanity need to consider and reconsider before getting the chemicals pumped in.

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