/Benefits of Yoga and Meditation Must Read Today
Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

Benefits of Yoga and Meditation Must Read Today


Yoga and meditation are the best alternative exercise therapies. They have been with mankind since thousand ages and the Benefits of yoga and meditation are so many. They both combined or individually have been so effective that science actually dedicated some part of itself to study yoga and meditation. World yoga is a day dedicated to yoga and celebrated in June 21, every year.

Coming to the Benefits of yoga and meditation, one can be sure to experience a calm mind and a relaxed body. The earliest study about yoga was published in Lancet 1975 and the study revealed that yoga actually lowered blood pressure much better than any relaxation technique. Now, for those of you out there who need substantial evidence before they start believing in stuff, here is your proof.

Benefits of yoga and meditation have claimed to achieve the impossible. Be in problems in fertility, back or joint pains or even depression, yoga and meditation have given some relief. The observance of yoga not only cures you of problem but actually helps you also improve your posture, balance, endurance levels and most of all provide flexibility. Meditation addresses problems like anxiety, stress and even insomnia.Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation also extend a helping hand to overcome hangover. Now that one amazing benefit of yoga and meditation that comes handy spot on to the youth-Monday blues cured. Yoga detox’s the alcohol out of the bodily system and refreshes you quickly. The poses that work effectively are the bow or shoulder stand pose and this poses works on the thyroid gland (hormone factory of the body- a very essential organ) to kick out the toxins.

The beating heart needs its peace as well. Benefits of yoga and meditations have claimed to have put a worrisome heart to rest but reducing heart diseases among loyal practitioners of this ancient well being art. Arterial plague, a common cardiovascular issue is said to been reduced thanks to yoga. Devoting 10 minutes a day to yoga and meditation has done wonders for the heart.

An angry stomach is bad to your health and also for everyone around you. Yoga and bowel go well together. Things can get slow down there at times due to problems with fiber intakes and yoga improves conditions tremendously. It stimulates the lymphatic system to assist in managing symptoms of the irritable bowel syndrome.

Insomnia – the reason behind many sleepless nights for many. Benefits of yoga and meditation cover this area of the restless mind as well. Yoga and meditation twice a week is the recommended dose for those who want to sleep better. Breathing techniques combined with mediation have helped clear the clouds and slowed the train of thoughts to calm the mind. A calm mind = better sleep.

A clear and sharp mind is more than a necessity to survive in the world of today. Yoga and meditation are your best secrets to success if practiced regularly. Slow breathing techniques along with meditation helps clear the clutter in the mind and helps improve memory. Controlled breathing actually helps address anxiousness.

Benefits of yoga and meditation cannot be addressed through words alone. Practice it to see the actual difference and to see a new you.


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