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Healthy Hair-Internal and External measures

Healthy hair

Everyone desires a healthy mane. A head full of healthy shiny hair is like a natural crown on our head. But how to do we attain the “oh so gorgeous” hair?  This read here will reveal 10 secrets for healthy hair. They are super easy to follow as well.

So, here it goes:

  1. Moisturize the hair: Like our skin, our hair also needs its share of moisture intake as well. It has been advocated by many trichologist’s that fatty acids provide excellent moisture for the hair. Oils like primrose oil, borage oil, and flaxseed oil are high on fatty acids and do wonders for the hair. The key fatty acid we are talking about here is the omega-3 fatty acid which has great moisturizing potential. This is one secret for healthy hair which can be used by everyone.
  2. Lemon treatment : Lemon is a great alternative to artificial hair colors. How is that you ask? Well, a few drops of lemon add amazing subtle streaks to the hair. There is no damage as well. Hair coloring products tend to make the hair dry and brittle making the hair unkempt to look at. Before heading out in the sun, massage your hair with a few drops of lemon. You will divine smelling hair + shine.Healthy hair
  3. Hair masks: Banana, eggs and curd hair mask is an excellent DIY. Eggs have the essential fatty acids while banana and curd helps to add luster to the dull hair. Can be easily done once a week and you will notice how healthy your hair looks in no time. Remember to apply the mix of wet hair. This secret for healthy hair routine can be easily followed for great results.
  4. Perfumed hair: Great smelling hair is in vogue beyond cosmetic reasons. Hair will bad smell indicates a lack of hygiene. Many beauticians actually mix a few drops of a great smelling perfume into the hair product and apply it on the hair. Good looking and great smelling hair = confident you
  5. Oil essentials: Your shampoo does clean your hair for sure but does it sooth you. Add some drops of your favorite essential oil into your shampoo and experience herbal magic. You should dilute the shampoo after adding the oil to mix them well.
  6. pH of the hair: Healthy and clean scalp are important for hair growth. A solution of two parts of warm water and one part of apple cider vinegar helps in cleaning the scalp. This solution helps in getting rid of excess oil, dirt, and grime to maintain the pH level of the scalp.
  7. Egg your hair: Eggs are an excellent source for protein. Hairs need protein to stay strong and avoid breaking from all the pulling and styling techniques we practice. Adding eggs in hair masks and shampoo will provide some protein to the hair.
  8. Trim the hair: regularly trimming the hair. By trimming the ends of the hair you eliminate the dry and split ends of the hair. Trimming the hair helps in giving volume as well.
  9. Warm oil massages: Did you know a warm oil head massage can actually do wonders for your hair? Oils like almond, olive, jojoba, etc are like hair elixirs. They help in providing the hair with necessary strength and texture. Grandmothers vouch for oil massages as the best secret for healthy hair.
  10. Natural hair colors: You can color your hair going the old school way. Artificial chemical based colors cause excessive drying of the hair and ruin the texture. Natural colors extracted from beetroot and henna give the hair a healthy red glow.


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