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Cold and Flu

Cold and flu-The 10 easy kitchen remedies


In this of era DIY’s, let’s fix up some cold and flu remedies from the kitchen cabinet for a change. Common cold and flu is a sign of weather change or allergy and can be dealt with at home. So, let’s try to rest the sniffles using spices.

  1. Oregano- Yes, pizza does taste good with some oregano on it but did you know oregano is a great lung and respiratory expectorant. Add one teaspoon of dried oregano in a pot of boiling water to stir up this kitchen remedy for cold and flu. If it tastes too bitter then add some honey as well.
  2. Cinnamon- besides flavoring cookies and buns, cinnamon is great to relieve cold and flu. Cinnamon can treat bronchitis effectively. This remedy for flu is very easy to stir up. Just boil a few cinnamon sticks to make cinnamon tea and drink three to four cups of it. This tea will warm up the body and help dilate blood vessels.
  3. Garlic- if you notice phlegm yellow or green then garlic is your go-to herb. This kitchen remedy for cold and flu can actually treat upper respiratory tract infections. In order to use garlic as a medicine, you should first remove its skin and chop it up. When it reacts with the air, it sort of gets its antibiotic potential hiked. You can directly chew it or have it with bread. Cold and Flu
  4. Nutmeg- due to the flu, we often get restless and have difficulty falling asleep. Nutmeg is that magic herb that can get you to sleep peacefully as if you never had a cold. Tryptophan is the magic compound present in nutmeg that helps relieve restlessness and provides great sleep.
  5. Rosemary- This herb is great antiviral and antibacterial. Rosemary tea works wonder as a remedy for cold and flu. Just brew dried rosemary in hot water and drink it like tea. The cold will disappear soon after.
  6. Ginger- Ginger is an antispasmodic. It simply means that is the ability to control the cough spasms. It is also a great immunostimulant. You can use fresh or dried ginger and the effect will be the same. You can make ginger tea or ginger candy to relieve the cold and flu symptoms including cough.
  7. Thyme- similar to rosemary, thyme is also an excellent kitchen treatment for cold and flu. It contains compounds like tannins and thymol that help relieve cough. In the Middle East and African countries, thyme syrup is often prepared at homes and used as needed. For the thyme syrup, you will need honey, chopped onions, thyme, and garlic. Just let these four ingredients fuse together for three to four hours band then strain.
  8. Wild rose- rose would seem like the oddest treatment for cold and flu. Rose actually stimulates the bladder and kidney function which in turn flush out the cold and flu toxins. Make a rose water infusion by simmering the flower petal in the water on low heat. This decoction soothes the achy and swelled throat.
  9. Elecampane- you might have not heard of this one but it is a great remedy for cold. Elecampane relieves cough and soothes the itchy irritation by using its antimicrobial powers. To make elecampane tea, infuse half a root of this herb in water for six hours and then drink it. Two cups of this and you will be good as new.
  10. This last remedy is not an herb actually but like an activity. Exercise- Yes, it works to prevent cold and flu. According to a study conducted in 2006, people who worked out for 45 minutes every day seemed less likely to catch a cold compared to the ones who didn’t work out. So, just get moving to keep snotty nose at bay.

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