Rajasthani Thali-Delicious Taste Elements

Rajasthani Thali

Rajasthani Thali is the best way to explore the history, culture, tradition, and glory of the once owned Rajput land. These are still famous today as they hit every note of flavor there is with a wide variety of food items that are cleverly combined and are appropriately portioned to be consumed in one meal.

Though the climatic conditions of Rajasthan are extreme with water and vegetation being scarce, the food served in the region was and will be always extravagant.

Here is a list of must try authentic dishes served and the taste elements of the famous Rajasthani Thalis across India.

Dal Baati Choorma: The signature food item to star in this cuisine is ‘Dal Baati Churma’. As the name suggests there are three components to this dish.Spicy dal that is to be eaten with salted Baatis (round flaky bread that is deeply fried) and to relieve the spiciness and prepare the palate for the next dish, choorma (powdered baatis with sugar in it) is savored at the end.

Khichdi: Instead of using rice, the kichidi is made of pulses, grains, and millets that provide nutrition. The kichidi is relished with various pickles and snacks.

Gatte ki sabzi: Gatte means dumplings made from Gram flour. With a few additions of spices and flavors, this gravy curry is enjoyed with roti or rice.

Bhuna Kukda: The hot gravy curry is made with chicken and lots of spices that may sometimes be too much to handle for the ones trying this dish for the first time.

Ker Sangri: For people that love shallowly fried accompaniments, Ker Sangri made from Karira Berries and desert beans that are native to Rajasthan are the one to try first.

Dal Banjari: Made from black gram and chickpeas, Dal Banjari is a thickened soup that cuts through the dryness of the curry and shallow fried vegetables. It is a must have component in Rajasthani Thali  food items and the taste is rajasthani dal banjari is different from that of others.

Missi Roti: Missi Roti is a flatbread that is made of chickpea and wheat flour. This roti is best tasted with a pickle made of chilies and fennel seeds. This roti is relished mostly in the winters seasons as a comfort food. Missi roti is famous in parts of Punjab as well but it is mostly associated with rajasthani foods.

Ghevar: The Rajasthani Thali comes along with the dessert served in it and its considered rude if sweet is not served. Ghevar is crunchy-fried all-purpose flour that is dipped in sugar syrup and served with cold rabdi. This dish alone tells us a lot about Rajasthan and its integrity. A lot of patience is required when it come to making this dish as even the slightest mistake can ruin the look and taste of the dish.

Raita: No meal is complete without curd or yogurt. Raita is a curd based accompaniment that reduces the spiciness of the dish and compliments each flavor individually. Various types of raita are present and are quite quick and easy to make. In one particular type of raita black pepper powder, onions, small dices of cucumber and tomatoes are added to make it rich and even more hydrating.

Thandai: After a rich and indulgent feast, a cold drink like Thandai is served that is made with flavors complimenting milk. This exotic flavored drink can be made using curd as well. Spicy elements like cardamom, peppercorns and are often added to give the drink an edge. Thandai is mostly served during the Holi festival in Rajasthan.

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