Popular Telangana Food Items Which You Would Love To Try

Popular Telangana Food Items

First let me tell you Telangana cuisines are much different than Andhra. The former is a dry place, while
the latter is coastal. Telangana is the newest state in India formed on 2 nd of June, 2014.
Popular telangana food items are spicy and tangy and incorporate ingredients like sesame seeds,
asefotida and chillies. Wheat flat bread I.e. roti, is the staple diet and rice is eaten comparatively less.
The popular Telangana food items are as follows and let’s start with the most important meal of the

1. Sarva Pindi: this savoury pancake is one of the popular Telangana food items made using chana
dal, rice flour, chilli and peanuts. It is rolled out like flat bread and poked with holes. Its other
name is Ginne appa.

2. Malidalu: This is more like a dish made from left over chapattis. The left over chapati’s are
grinded along with jaggaery, and dry fruits like cashew, pista and ghee. It’s rounded out on the
palm into small balls. Its sweet and filling. A perfect sweet meat to have a meal.

3. Sakinalu: I know the names are getting funnier or more like tongue twisters but trust me, they
are good food. Sakinalu another very popular Telangana food items which is a deep fried snack
made using sesame seeds and rice flour. It has other names like murkku, chakralu, chakli etc.
Sankranti season is void without it and no wedding festivities are complete if sakinalu is not

4. Garijalu: It’s a stuffed puri but not rolled out. It’s rather folded with grated coconut or
sweetened stiff dal. It very much resembles karanji-the sweet delicacy of Maharashtra. The
folding resembles a half moon and its edges are marked with various designs. Special cutlery is
available to prepare this dish.

5. Pachi pulusu: This dish is the short of rasam. What is rasam you ask? It’s a tangy-savory dish
mostly eaten with rice and is known to cure indigestion. Hence eaten as the last part of a meal.
Pachi pulusu being the short of rasam does not have any complex preparation process. The main
ingredient is luke warm tamarind soaked water, some jeera, one garlic clove and oil for
6. Golichina Mamsam: This Popular Telangana food item is a meaty dish served with hot rice or
rotis. Golichina means “like a fried dish”. Its heavy on spices and the gravy is quite thick.
Golichina is cooked on a low flame for a long time and the juices from the meat and the oil from
the spices complement each other well in the cooking process.

7. Chegodilu: It’s a deep fried snack with a nutty taste and is eaten mostly during tea time. It’s
shape is like that of onions rings but minus the onions. It is made using sesame seeds and rice

8. Polelu: These are a special delicacy made around the time of Ganesh Chaturthi. Perhaps a
favouraite of Ganesh ji. These thin sweet chapattis are made from stuffing of chana dal, jiggery,
cardamom powder and ghee.

9. Hyderabadi Biryani: This nawabi delicacy can be made using mutton, chicken and even
vegetables, separately of course. It’s the most popular Telangana food items of all and no party

is complete without it. It is a must have dish in every hyderabadi non-vegeterian hotel in

10. Qurbani Ka Meeta: this delicacy is made from soaking dried apricots over night and then boiling
them to prepare the sweet compote. It is served with chilled ice cream, custard and simply even
with malai (cream.

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