Hyderabad Nawabi Sweet Dishes which are yummy

Hyderabad Nawabi Sweet Dishes

A Hyderabadi and a sweet dish can never stay away from each other. This combination of Hyderabad
Nawabi sweet dishes and a pure hyderbadi is like best of friends who know they are there for of each
other. The list below is a collection of Hyderabad Nawabi sweet dishes:

1. Sheer Khurma: A vermicelli and sweet milk Hyderabad Nawabi sweet dish is made in every house
hold especially during Eid. It’s a very filling sweet dish and a favorite among the old and young. It
is eaten as a ritual before offering namaz on the day of eid. Preparations of making this dish
start two to three days ahead by frying the “seviyan” vermicelli and dry fruits.

2. Ice cream and fruit salad: This Hyderabadi Nawabi sweet dish is very famous during the wedding
season. It is a mix of dry fruits and fruits salad laid under a brick of ice cream. The cold ice cream
melts over the salad and gives out a great flavor. A bed of sponge cake also placed between the
ice cream and the salad at times. Different versions exist for this sweet dish and all are tasty.

3. Qurbani ka meetha: Sweet from dried apricots which are boiled, topped with sprinkled almonds
and served cold with ice cream is a Hyderabadi Nawabi sweet dish close to the heart of every
hyderabadi. The preparation for this dish starts by soaking the apricots over night and then
boiling them till it gets to the stage of sugary compote. The sweetness is adjusted by adding
sugar and saffron threads are added to give it a rich dark maroon color.

4. Jauzi Halwa: This halwa is a Hyderabadi Nawabi sweet dish fit for the nawabs of Hyderabad. It’s a
delicacy found in one of the oldest sweet shops in old city of Hyderabad. It is made by boiling
milk and condensing. It has a powerful dose of nutmeg yet not to over bearing.

5. Shahi turkey or double ka meetha : Let me explain “double” in the meetha here. Double means
bread and this hyderabadi nawabi sweet dish is made entirely of bread, milk, ghee and sugar.
It’s a very easy to make and a very famous sweet dish. Once a favorite amongst party givers, it
still manages to steal the show due to its elegant presentation and taste. The bread pieces are
fried in ghee and soaked in sweet condensed milk.

6. Phirni: Rice is an essential food commodity of Hyderabad and we have managed to ake a sweet
dish using it. This Hyderabadi Nawabi sweet dish is made using flavoured rice like basmati and
cooked till smooth in milk. Again, it’s a very simple and easy to prepare dish. A go to sweet dish
when unexpected guest drop in or just to address those cravings.

7. Badam ki Jali: Last but not the least. This Hyderabadi Nawabi sweet dish is a true royal treat. It’s
an expensive sweet and made only by the best of cooks. Nawabi household still prefer this
sweet treat over others as it a “pick and go” kind of treat. Jali means a net like pattern and
sometimes made in the form a written verse especially urdu. A truly elegent nawabi dish which
is made entirely of almond meal and milk.

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