/The top 5 foods to take this summer season
The top 5 foods to take this summer season

The top 5 foods to take this summer season

Everything is so bright with heat topping the charts and its summertime. Yes, many people just love summers and many who just can’t stand it. But love it or hate it, we have to learn the art of dealing with hot summers. Wise are the ones who prepare and even wiser are the ones who spread their knowledge. So here we are telling you how to stay in top-notch health with the top 5 foods to take this summer season.

What’s all this fuss about eating well in summers? Well, the hot sun does have an appetite for everything watery including perspiration. To stay hydrated and energetic it’s best to eat seasonal foods.

The top 5 foods to take this summer season in our lists are sure to make you a bundle of joy & energy.

  1. Bottle Gourd: This light green vegetable is an all-time favorite when it comes to making smoothies for weight loss in summer or just the laid back Indian curry. It is refreshing, loaded with vitamins like folate, A & C and in minerals like magnesium and calcium. To start with, this vegetable is definitely first on our list of the top 5 foods to take this summer season.
  2. Cucumbers- Want a sip of freshness in every bite, then cucumbers are for you. The inexpensive, freely available and mingle well with every cuisine. Cucumbers take care of sunburns, dark circles and skin rashes that often appear due to the heat. High water content in these little miracles helps detoxify the body too. Apart from the skin, hairs are also benefitted by cucumbers as they have hair building components like sulfur and silicon in them.
  1. Coconut water- Drench in the cool vibe of coconut water. They are packed with electrolytes like sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium essential for the sustainable human body in the harshest of situations. Coconut water also aids in digestion and metabolic process as its rich in enzymes. Replace the sips of water with coconut water to get instant energy. This had to be a must have in our list of the top 5 foods to take this summer season.
  2. Salads- A bowl full of green veggies not only satiates the hunger but also adds a cool twist to the hot Indian meals. Rocket leaves, lettuce, amaranth leaves and other herbs tossed in rich yogurt pepper dressings with a pinch of jeera powder work wonder on the health. You can add bell peppers, mint, coriander, smoked meats and nuts to bring variance to the salad dish.                                                                                                                            The top 5 foods to take this summer season
  3. Watermelon and orange sprees- No summer must-haves are complete without watermelon and orange-based drinks. They add a spring to the step and joy on the face. These juices reduce the oxidative stress in our bodies and delay the process of aging. A glass of chilled watermelon and orange sprees will keep you refreshed for long and high on energies.

There are many more foods out there like bitter gourds, lemons, apples, grapes and papaya that help fight summer with ease. In India, Mangoes arrive just in the season to arms us with additional tools to face the strong summer heat. Super foods like these help us brace ourselves and perform exceptionally well in the tests of life. Hope theses top 5 foods to take this summer season help you get through like a breeze.

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