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Sweets of Tamil Nadu – enriching and tantalizing too

Sweets of Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu has an amazing blend of savory and sweet and in this article we are presenting variety of sweet dishes, Sweets of Tamil Nadu for your sweet cravings.

Coconut milk and Rice payasam– This sweet dish has a twist as it uses brown rice instead of white. It has fairly huge amounts of ghee, sugar and dry fruits, and saffron is used to garnish this sweet dish of Tamil Nadu. Cardamom seeds/pods are used to flavor this dish at times according to preference. While cooking this dish it is important to use a low flame and to stir continuously in order to avoid a burnt flavor.

Coconut Pitha– This dish uses roasted coconut powder and sugar along with flour. The mix is then made into soft dough which is later rolled out into chapattis and deep fried. They are served alone or along with milk/tea/coffee. This sweet dish can also be called as Indian cookies.

Coconut Laddoo– Coconut laddoo is a very famous dish of Tamil Nadu and is prepared with much ease. All you will need is some jaggery or sugar, grated coconut and ghee is optional. Cook the coconut and the sugar and keep it aside for cooling it down. When it’s warm, use the palm of the hand to roll out the laddoos, which is the well known Sweets of TamilNadu

Pitha using rice flour– This dish is a rarity and is almost extinct in the new age recipe listings. The reason being it is difficult to make and many easy versions have been adapted but the original pitha recipe has an authentic taste. If you ever desire to taste pitha seek out the place where the original dish is made and served.Sweets-of-Tamil Nadu

Nankhatai with Whole Wheat (Atta Nankhatai)– Nankhtai are butter cookies made using whole wheat flour and ghee. They are usually sweet but can be made savory as well. They are garnished using dry fruits or roasted cumin.

Bottle Gourd Halwa– This is an extremely easy to prepare sweet dish of Tamil Nadu and is prepared during weddings and auspicious ceremonies. It is cooked in milk along with condensed milk for sweetness and garnished using dry fruits and saffron etc.

Akkaravadisal in Tamilian style– Another Varitey Sweets of Tamil Nadu have been inspired from the Iyengar Akkaravadisal dish but has its own unique flavor. Jaggery is the main component of this dish.

Corn kheer using Jaggery– Roasted corn is tasty but imagine a kheer using corn. This sweet dish is very common amongst the villagers of Tamil Nadu and is much tastier than rice, as claimed by some. Corn is first boiled and then cooked with condensed milk; sugar/jaggery and garnished using dry fruits.

Tamil Mishri mawa– True to its name this sweet dish is the king of Mishri’s. It is made using solidified milk, mishri, white chocolate, cheese and dry fruits. It is served during weddings and temple pooja’s.

Last but not the least-Tamil Mawa Kachauri- You must have heard of savory kachauri’s but this Tamil Mawa kachauri is a staple of Tamil Nadu. The kachauri filling is made up of dry fruits, reduced milk solids and a pinch cardamom powder.

Sweets  of Tamil Nadu speak volumes about the state’s culture and traditions. Each dish as auspicious moments and sentiments attached which make them even more flavorful. Try to taste one or more of the items to make an everlasting memory.

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