/Street food in Hyderabad – Savouring Delicious Hyderabadi Food
Street food in Hyderabad

Street food in Hyderabad – Savouring Delicious Hyderabadi Food

Inflation or no inflation, the one thing that doesn’t stop is eating. “Got to eat to survive”. Street food is also one such commodity we cannot stay away from. Be it rainy, windy or sunny, a bite of street food in Hyderabad will make the day better. So what is street food in Hyderabad? The options are unlimited. One can see a mix culture of food on the streets of Hyderabad. It’s actually amazing to see people from various backgrounds and walks of life come together to have a taste.

The famous street food in Hyderabad is as follows:

1. Dosa: Be it midnight or early morning this street food in Hyderabad is always available to fill your tummys. Hot Dosa topped with potato masala sprinkled with cheese is a full meal. Many even prefer plain butter dosa with tea. There are various varieties of dosa available like paneer dosa, kheema dosa, cheese dosa etc.Street food in Hyderabad

2. Chaats: this street food is extremely popular with the youth. Chaat stalls serve a delicacy called pani-puri which is tangy and sweet at the same time. Its small puffed puri’s stuffed with chana and onions served with tangy green chili flavored water. It’s a melt in your delicacy which gives a burst of flavours in every bite. A sweet chutney is also added on request and its yummy.

3. Shawarmas: An Arabic dish that caters to the need of non-vegeterian and vegetarian food lovers. This street food  of Middle Eastern origin and very famous among the crowds. The vegetarian shawarmas are made from Falafel-a round patty made from chana dal and other ingredients. The meat lovers gorge on chicken, mutton or beef shawarma topped with mayonnaise chutney and cucumber salad with potato fries. If street food in Hyderabad gets documented, shawarma will be first on the list.

4. Hyderabad haleem: Another street food ,which is a nawabi dish to calm the hungry soul. It’s a blend of meat, spices, pulses and wheat. A whole meal in itself, this street food in Hyderabad is very famous and mostly during the Ramadan month.

5. Phirni: A melt in your mouth sweet delicacy made from fragrant rice and condensed milk. A pinch of saffron on top and you are good to go. This street food in Hyderabad is served chilled in small earthern clay pots and is a feast for the wandering eyes as well.

6. Lukhmi: A stuffed delicacy; this street food is made of stuffed meat or even vegetables mix in flattened dough and folded into half. It actually resembles an envelope that opens to give good news. It is deep fried and served lukewarm. Best eaten with masala chai.

7. Chai: Irani chai is very famous in hyderbad. More better known as liquid gold this street food in Hyderabad is always available on even corner or in every other food eatery. A hyderabadi and a cup of chai go well together. Be it masala chai or plain decotion, chai is an energy drink for all. Irani chai is best described as the Soul of Hyderabad.


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