10 places to visit in Madhya Pradesh


Tourist places-10 places to visit in Madhya Pradesh

When you decide to visit India, you aren’t supposed to ignore visiting Madhya Pradesh. It is considered as the best Indian state to go with when it comes to unveiling beauty and adventure of amazing tourist places in India. If you are planning to explore incredible India, you shouldn’t forget exploring the top 10 tourist places in Madhya Pradesh.

So, let’s check out stated below 10 places to visit in Madhya Pradesh.

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10 Astoundingly delicious Mughlai dishes


Food-Mughlai dishes

Indian culinary recipes are incomplete without the mention of dishes from the Mughal period. Great chefs are traveled extensively just to study the balance of spices that make Mughlai dishes so delectably tasty. Here we present to you 10 astoundingly delicious Mughlai dishes that can be easily made at home

Mughlai paratha- This is not your regular paratha that is kneaded with curd and cooked till crisp. This paratha has minced meat filling and is fried to achieve that crispness. It is served with potato curry on the side.

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