Sacred travels- Rameswaram Temple Darshan

Tourist Places-Rameswaram Temple Darshan

Pamban Island, the place which houses one of the char dhams- the Rameswaram temple is separated from India by the Pamban channel. Mythology shows this channel as the bridge built by Lord Rama through which he entered Lanka and freed his wife Sita from Ravana. The Rameswaram Temple  Darshan can be found in the center for the Pamban Island and has thousands of visitors both on and off season.Have you ever been to Rameshvaram Temple Darshan? Well, there are 6 temples where devotees come in large growing numbers. We have gathered all the information you need about Rameshvaram Temple Darshan. Continue reading “Sacred travels- Rameswaram Temple Darshan”

Coaker’s walk Kodaikanal-Explore The Real Beauty


Tourist places-Coaker’s walk Kodaikanal

A relaxing walk that lasts only a kilometer yet gives immense happiness is Coaker’s walk. Amidst the exquisitely beautiful mountains  that are surrounded by natural beauty is Coaker’s walk Kodaikanal.

Enjoy the walk by:

-Hire bicycles at Rs 30 per hour to ride through the landscape and enjoy the beauty of Coaker’s walk Kodaikanal. Continue reading “Coaker’s walk Kodaikanal-Explore The Real Beauty”

seven beautiful spots forTrekking places in Tamil Nadu


Tourist Places-Trekking places in Tamil Nadu

Trekking places in Tamil Nadu has great mountain ranges contributed by the Western and Eastern Ghats which makes it an ideal trekking zone. Here are the seven beautiful spots for Trekking places in Tamil Nadu that are breathtakingly beautiful and safe at the same time. Continue reading “seven beautiful spots forTrekking places in Tamil Nadu”

Visit abodes of Lord Shiva Temples in Andhra Pradesh

Tourist Places-Lord Shiva Temples in Andhra Pradesh

Lord Shiva is classified shiva is classified as “the beginning of the end and the end of the beginning”. It is said that “his nothingness is the void itself and that he is everything and nothing at the same time”.  A total of 12 jyotirlingas are found in India. One of them is located in AP and is famous as Srisailam. Below is a list of famous  Lord Shiva temples in Andhra Pradesh so read on to know more. Continue reading “Visit abodes of Lord Shiva Temples in Andhra Pradesh”

Places To Visit In Vizag – It’s More Than Just Beaches


Tourist places-Places To Visit In Vizag

Vishakhapatnam lovingly called as Vizag, is a port city with picturesque hilltops, old temples and sun-kissed beaches. This Jewel of the East sits in the middle of hills on one side and beaches on the other side. Start packing the bag and set out to the  Places To Visit In Vizag-Its more than just beaches. Continue reading “Places To Visit In Vizag – It’s More Than Just Beaches”

Top Cool Places In Andhra Pradesh To Visit During Your Tour

Tourist Places-Top Cool Places In Andhra Pradesh

Having a long weekend ahead and with no plan in place! Why not go around and visit the top cool places in Andhra Pradesh.

Vishakhapatnam and its beaches

Nature lovers will find Vishakhapatnam as one of the coolest places in Andhra Pradesh. Popularly called as Vizag, this beach city has caves, valleys, hills, great landscapes and more. It is must visit for every tourist in Andhra Pradesh. Apart from fun, Vizag is also rich in spiritual destinations. Some of the famous hangouts are Araku valley, BorraBorra caves, Submarine museum, VUDA Park, KailasaGiri etc.  Friends and family can hang out together with ease here and the food is great as well. Continue reading “Top Cool Places In Andhra Pradesh To Visit During Your Tour”

Forests of Andhra Pradesh – Woodlands, National Parks, Sanctuaries

Tourist Places-Forests of Andhra Pradesh

Geographically Andhra Pradesh (AP) represents the Deccan Bio-zone and is located in the east-central peninsular India. Forests of Andhra Pradesh spread out to about 1.64.325.89 Sq.Km which is approximately 22.46% of its geographical area. To list them out, AP has a tiger reserve, an elephant reserve which is the Koundinya Sanctuary and Rayala Elephant Reserve, 3 national parks, 13 wildlife sanctuaries and a Biosphere reserve. Continue reading “Forests of Andhra Pradesh – Woodlands, National Parks, Sanctuaries”

Waterfalls near Vizag – the natural showers gifted by nature

Waterfalls near Vizag

Vizag and waterfall are actually synonyms if at all anything else. Splashing of waters above our heads, the algae colored cold rocks beneath our feet and the playfully moving hands, all under one waterfall. Sounds exciting, but is even more fun when actually under a waterfall.  Waterfalls near Vizag are much more with parks around them and great food to gorge on. On our journey today we are heading to waterfalls near  Vizag to enjoy these natural showers. Do not stay behind and miss the fun. Continue reading “Waterfalls near Vizag – the natural showers gifted by nature”

The Splendor and Grandeur Golconda Fort of Hyderabad

Tourist Places-Golconda Fort of Hyderabad

Standing tall, 11kms west of city of Nizam’s is The Golconda Fort of Hyderabad. It’s an amazing example of architecture and engineering. A must see on the list of every tourist, Golconda fort of Hyderabad leaves an everlasting mark on the memory. A historical tour is never complete without stories and Golconda Fort has that in plenty. It is said that
Golconda fort of Hyderabad, once held many precious gems in its heart, even the Kohinoor. It was during the Kakatiya rule that diamond mining was made famous and many precious gems were unearthed. Kohinoor diamond was one among them which now rests in the British crown, is whole different story. Continue reading “The Splendor and Grandeur Golconda Fort of Hyderabad”

Enjoy the Late Night Hangouts in Hyderabad


Food-Late Night Hangouts in Hyderabad

Thanks to the blooming IT sector, the city of pearls, Hyderabad has a happening night life. Gone are the days when 10 pm meant late at night. People are doing online searches for “places to visit at night in Hyderabad” and this article is for those night outers. Late night hangouts in Hyderabad is not limited to the teens anymore. The city hustles and bustles with life every after 11 pm. Below is a list of late night hangouts in Hyderabad. Continue reading “Enjoy the Late Night Hangouts in Hyderabad”