Water- How much is too much?

Health Tips-Water- How much is too much?


There are many articles out there that advocate that drinking water is the most vital to staying healthy.

-If you want glowy and fresh looking skin,

-if you want to lose weight,

-if you want to stay young-drink lots of water

Well, in case of Water-how much is too much?

We all drink water to quench our thirsts and stay hydrated. But, there are people out there who actually drink lots of water-based purely on recommendations. If you are a model, people will be throwing advises on you.

– Drink lemon flavored water all day to smell and feel fresh.

-Drink cinnamon water to resist urges to eating junk food etc

Let’s understand how much  is good for the system and how much is not.

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10 tips to maintain a healthy scalp


Health Tips-healthy scalp

Hair is the crowning glory to many. Some like it bald yet desire to get the squeaky clean glistening scalp. Apart from basic hygiene, there are a few tips that can help you achieve a healthy scalp. This article will elaborate on the 10 tips to maintain a healthy scalp. Continue reading “10 tips to maintain a healthy scalp”

10 amazing benefits of Aromatherapy

Health Tips-benefits of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is an excellent means that offers rejuvenation and unwinding. Studies have proven that aromatherapy improves cognitive states, acts as a great supplemental medicine and is a mood enhancer. In recent science, aromatherapy is also being used to tackle Alzheimer’s disease which is a very challenging illness. This article here will tell you about the 10 amazing benefits of Aromatherapy. Continue reading “10 amazing benefits of Aromatherapy”

10 Incredible Health Benefits Of Curry Leaves


Health Tips- Benefits Of Curry Leaves


Curry leaves- yes, this is that ingredient in our food which we very quietly pick and place on the corner of our plate. We consider it to be inedible and only flavor worthy while cooking.

Curry leaves are not only an integral part of Indian cuisine but can also be found in food recipes of Australia, Nigeria, China and Ceylon. Apart from their contribution towards flavor, they also aid in digestion, weight loss, memory building, hair growth etc. This article here will tell you the top 10 incredible benefits of curry leaves. Continue reading “10 Incredible Health Benefits Of Curry Leaves”

7 tips for a healthy colon

Food-7 tips for a healthy colon

It is a fact that we are what we eat. Hence, a healthy colon is equal to a healthy you.

Let’s understand what the colon is? The colon is the large intestine and is part of the digestive system. It helps in breaking down and absorbing food nutrients as well as eliminating waste from our body.

Toxins accumulated in our body show up on our health monitor in various ways. Acne, headaches, erratic behavior, memory loss, mood issues, etc are some of the ways toxins affect us. The colon plays a vital role in helping us eliminate these toxins and their negative energies from our body. Continue reading “7 tips for a healthy colon”

10 health benefits of Apple cider vinegar

Health Tips- Apple cider vinegar


Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is not an unknown element to us. Some add it to salads and some to health drinks to reap its benefits. Internally in our body ACV is great for boosting energy, controlling blood sugar levels, etc and externally it gives a healthy shine to the hair and cleans the skin. Read on to know about the 10 health benefits of ACV. Continue reading “10 health benefits of Apple cider vinegar”

Benefits of waxing the face

Health Tips-Benefits of waxing the face

Benefits of waxing the faceThere are many cosmetic procedures out there that can remove unwanted hair from the face and waxing is one of them. Everyone desires a beautiful well-groomed skin especially on the face and hence we tend to try every method possible. Benefits of waxing the face are plenty to list and overshadow the pain associated with the procedure is as follows. Continue reading “Benefits of waxing the face”

Breastfeeding Advantages you should know

Health Tips-Breastfeeding Advantages

Babies are the cutes bundles of joy and it is only right to give them the best in the diet so that they can grow healthy and strong. Mother’s milk is the best feed for them in their initial six months of growing up. The list below will tell you all about Breastfeeding Advantages.

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