10 delicious chocolate recipes

Recipes-10 delicious chocolate recipes

How to eat chocolate three times a day? For all the chocolate lovers out there, this article will tell you all about it. Here is a list of 10 delicious chocolate recipes that you can easily devour for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Let’s start with the most important meal of the day-

Breakfast: Oatmeal & Chocolate – Ok so you might think that oatmeal is a very regular breakfast and what’s so chocolaty about it. Here instead of shaved almonds or flaxseeds, we add dark chocolate which gives the much-needed crunch and taste. We suggest dark chocolate as it is of nutrient value.

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10 Delicious street foods of Delhi

Food-10 Delicious street foods of Delhi


Delhi, the capital city of Indian is a boiling pot of various cultures. You get to taste a little bit of India every time you try out different street foods in Delhi.  So, food lovers here is the list that covers 10 Delicious street foods of Delhi

Chole Bhature- The puffed puris and the spicy chole can make one go aww with its taste. It used to a Punjabi dish but a very famous street food of Delhi. Head to Kwality Restaurant in Connaught Place or Bikernerwala in Rajouri Garden, if you want to try some.

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10 iconic Maharashtrian snacks you must try

Food-10 iconic Maharashtrian snacksMaharashtrians take great pride in their food. They have many flavors and spices at play in their cuisine which actually helps the state stand out. There are many world-famous Maharashtrian snacks but how many have you tried? This list here will tell you about the 10 iconic Maharashtrian snacks you must try.

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10 Famous Maggi recipes

Recipes-10 Famous Maggi recipes


Maggi noodles have become one of the staple foods in households all over the world. Even a person who never stepped into the kitchen is aware of the basic idea of how to cook Maggi. Most probably, Maggi  recipes are the first dish many might claim to be their first experiment in the kitchen.

Preparing Maggi does not require much skill but the art to cook various types of Maggi noodles is gaining momentum among youth. They even name for their Maggi experiments like Pahado wali Maggi (The mountain Maggi), the midnight Maggi, etc Continue reading “10 Famous Maggi recipes”

10 famous Indian snacks you must try


Food-10 famous Indian snacks

Munching snacks whether free or not is the hobby of many. Garam samosas and hot chai are just an introduction to Indian Snacks. There a dozens of snacks out there in India which are worth tasting and experimenting with.

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Tips to get rid of junk food in your fridge


Food-Tips to get rid of junk food in your fridge

Many of us have the habit of munching and munching and munching…..partly because of boredom and partly because we love to eat. But, how much of what we eat is actually beneficial for our well being? It is rightly said that our body is our temple. Here you will read about tips to get rid of junk food in your fridge. Continue reading “Tips to get rid of junk food in your fridge”

10 popular Goa dishes you must try

Food-10 popular Goa dishes

What is Goa known for apart from its beaches and parties? It is food! Yes, Goan food is very famous all over India as well as abroad. Rice and fish curry is the staple food of Goa and involves a lot of spices. Coconut, meat, fish and their special Kokum spice are widely used in many recipes. Know more about Goa and its food by reading the list of 10 popular Goan dishes you must try given below. Continue reading “10 popular Goa dishes you must try”

Mouthwatering Sindhi recipes


Recipes-Sindhi recipes

Sindhi recipes ,cuisine tells the tales of the cooks who made the most of what is available and squeezed every drop of flavor from the ingredients available.

For example, Lotus plants are the key ingredient in many of the traditional food recipes of Sindhi culture. After the partition of India, the cuisine of Sindhis was heavily influenced by traditional dishes of Rajasthan, Punjab, and Mughal Empire. It has been rightly observed and said that Indian cuisine is so diverse that no two recipes of the same dish are same. Continue reading “Mouthwatering Sindhi recipes”

10 famous dishes of Lucknow

Food-10 famous dishes of Lucknow

Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, is not just famous for its stories and legendary rulers but also for its palette.Lucknow’s nawabi dishes are very famous around the world for their use of fragrant spices and cooking techniques. Its culinary heritage was not formed in a day but took nawab’s and their royal cooks a great deal of time to form their significant gourmet. So, are you ready to feast your eyes on 10 famous dishes of Lucknow? Continue reading “10 famous dishes of Lucknow”

The royal sweet-Mysore Pak


Recipes-Mysore Pak

A sweet that is so crumbly in texture and melts in your yet is the Mysore Pak. I have to also mention that making the perfect Mysore Pak is no easy feat and even the best of the halwais shy away from making the Mysore Pak.

What’s with the name? Well, it’s an easy guess and its right- the sweet is from Mysore but when and how is a mystery. Mysore Pak was first prepared in the Mysore palace kitchen for the then king Krishna Raja Wadiyar IV.  It was indeed a task for the chefs in those days to please the kings and other royalty with their culinary skills and cook interesting meals and sweet dishes. Continue reading “The royal sweet-Mysore Pak”